Acrylic Wall Liner Moulded


Made in Europe
2mm acrylic liner
Form folded into a one piece liner
No joins
Square moulded shelves
High gloss antibacterial reacting surface
Easy to clean
Flexible and easy to install
Stress crack resistant
Shelving can be rotated to appear on the left of right side
Available in 2 sided or 3 Sided configurations
1200 x 900 moulded shelving is positioned on the 1200 panel

Stein moulded wall liners feature square moulded shelves. They are easy to install and flexible enough to ensure a precision finish, even when your walls are not square.

Each liner is form folded into one piece with no joins. Its stress crack resistant acrylic is made with and impact modified coextruded top layer. This top layer has a high gloss antibacterial reacting surface that is also easy to clean.

Stein acrylic wall liners with moulded shelves are made in Europe and available in 2-sided or 3-sided configurations .

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